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Friday, March 8, 2019


Texas Wine Growers Supports the Filing of 100% Texas Wine Labeling Bill

Austin, TX: Texas Wine Growers (TWG) applauds and fully supports the filing of House Bill 4233 by State Representative John Kuempel today. The legislation will propel the Texas Wine Industry forward by requiring all wines labeled as Texas to be made from 100% Texas grapes. Currently, wines bearing the Texas appellation only require 75% of the grapes used in the wine to be from Texas. Carl Money, President of TWG, stated, “This bill is being introduced because consumers deserve to know that when they buy a bottle of wine labeled as Texas, 100% of the grapes used to make that wine are grown in the Terroir of Texas.”

TWG sought compromise to similar legislation that met defeat in 2017, by adding a provision to include a five-year phase-in period. The phase-in is meant to allow producers to plan accordingly and make necessary adjustments to meet the requirement. TWG Board Member, Chris Brundrett, added, “This bill shows our state is taking great strides to compete on a global level, and sustain the long-term success of our winegrowing industry.”

Money further stated, “I think the passage of this legislation will greatly benefit Texas Grape Growers by providing an expanding market for grape production. It will also benefit the Texas Wine Industry overall by promoting and protecting the integrity of our wines by ensuring all wines labeled as Texas are made solely from grapes grown in the Terroir of Texas.”

In 2017 Texas Wine Growers was accepted as a member of Wine Origins Alliance (Origins.Wine), an organization of 23 wine regions from around the world devoted to ensuring that a wine's true origin be clearly identified on its label in order for consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing and consuming wine.

Established as a nonprofit organization in 2017, by eight founding wineries, Calais Winery, Hawk’s Shadow Winery, Lewis Wines, Lost Draw Cellars, Perissos Vineyard & Winery, Pontotoc Vineyard, Westcave Cellars, and William Chris Vineyards, the mission of Texas Wine Growers is to promote and protect the integrity of Texas wine by making wines solely from grapes grown in the Terroir of Texas. For more information, visit

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